About George


I am George, the founder of abc-Health. I have been a keen advocate for good health and fitness over the years. I have actively pursued knowledge in these areas and found strategies that work for me which I am confident will benefit you.

Let me provide an insight into my background and what my story is.

Fun and Fitness

Raised in west Africa, where soccer is the main sport, I indulged myself in this sport heavily and was in great shape throughout my high school and college years. While I enjoyed playing soccer, I was unconscious of its health benefits as I was doing it just for fun. I had no time to reflect on how lean I looked for it was a cycle to meet and play soccer with friends in the evenings after almost every day – at least 5 days in a week. This was an unconscious effort on my part to stay healthy and fit for many years. The first time I took notice of a change in my body was in my late 20s when I was brushing my teeth and noticed my belly had gotten a little bigger and more lose in tonicity. I was alarmed but not surprised since my lifestyle had changed a few years before due to work commitments. I embarked on a conscious journey to get back to where I was and immediately started living the reality of the struggle in maintaining my desired weight. I just could not fathom the ease with which I gained weight despite my activity level and the amount of work needed in preserving such output.

From working in a highly kinetic environment, in the military, to a corporate environment, which is more sedentary in most aspects, my experience with weight loss remained surprisingly the same despite the variance in the physical output. Age comes with its own challenges and limitations on general health as most people above 40 years can attest to. Our responsibilities to our families, jobs, and our personal lifestyles can be an impediment to a healthy lifestyle. It took me years of experimenting with different techniques to lay the foundation work needed to overcome these challenges and I believe you too can.

My mission

I have made my share of mistakes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, from bad eating habits, wrongs exercises, overworking muscles, bad workout regimen and stagnation of progress to mention a few. I struggled to find the answers to these problems and connecting with people with similar issues who can interact, find answers, and work towards achieving similar goals. This is where I would like to streamline and explain some concepts to readers with similar quests, connect with professionals who can provide insight to commonly asked questions as a way of giving to the community.

ABChealth aims at sharing healthy tips for all ages through evidence based research purported to drive home facts that support healthy lifestyles. I have grown to realize that looking at the right places and reading the right material have significant impacts on ones life – may save life and promote longevity.

Our Goal

For the past 20 years I have come to realize staying healthy requires basic foundation steps and ongoing guidance. The goal of abc-Health is to help lay the foundation work to prolong life and serve as a conduit to channel health tips to benefit all age groups.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

G. Mingle


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